June 14, 2023

Episode 10: Unplugged


  1. “Drink”- Lil Jon feat. LMFAO (2012)
  2. “Purple Swag”- A$AP Rocky (2011)
  3. “Errday” – Juicy J feat. Wiz Khalifa (2016)
  4. “Slob On My Knob” – Three 6 Mafia (2009)
  5. “Runaway” – Kanye West (2010)
  6. “N****s In Paris” – JAY-Z & Kanye West (2011)
  7. “Figure 4” – Sean Price (2011)


The party goes on. And while some in The Blog Era evolve, most die off. Staying true to himself took a toll. On his family life, marriage, finances, physical and mental well-being. On the music he no longer loved. One day his power goes out at home; he saw it as a sign. He let his server contract lapse and let go of NahRight. This project reveals in full the legacy he helped create, from a passion project, from giving a voice to the voiceless, from $10 from Eskay’s own pocket.


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