May 3, 2023

Episode 4: We Need a Board


  1. “I’m A Boss” – Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross (2012)
  2. Two Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac) – OutKast (2003)
  3. Throw Some D’s – Kanye West (2007)
  4. “Made” – Big Sean feat. Drake (2010)
  5. “Trap or Die” – Jeezy (2003)
  6. “From Tha G” – Freddie Gibbs (2009)
  7. “How We Do” (’93 Til Infinity) – Freddie Gibbs (2009)


In 2008, bloggers – who discover, post and leak records with impunity – build momentum. There’s success, copy-cats and egos. Eskay aligns with the best of his competition and starts the New Music Cartel, seizing power from the labels. But there’s a reality: blogs aren’t making money. Eskay takes a big gamble, leaving a dream job at XXL to focus exclusively on NahRight. Just when everyone thinks they’ve got things figured out, the bottom falls out of the economy.


  1. Hot 97’s Turf Wars – The New Yorker
  2. Jay-Z Puts a Cap on Cristal – The New York Times 
  3. Eskay thinks up Cristal Boycott 
  4. Drake, a Rapper With Celebrity but No Label – The New York Times 
  5. Minya Oh: ‘I Was Never Gonna Not Want To Listen To This’ 
  6. Want the scoop? Check out blogs on black celebs – Baltimore Sun 
  7. “In His Opinion” –- RESPECT. Interviews John Gotty of The Smoking Section