May 31, 2023

Episode 8: Kick in the Door, Wavin’ the 404


  1. “Kick In The Door” – Notorious B.I.G. (1994)
  2. “B.M.F.” – Rick Ross feat. Styles P (2010)
  3. “Onion Head” – Sean Price feat. Tek (2007)
  4. “Over The Building” – Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa (2019)
  5. “A.D.H.D.” – Kendrick Lamar  (2011)
  6. “Bastard” – Tyler the Creator (2014)
  7. “HiiiPower” – Kendrick Lamar (2019)


By 2010, so many of the bloggers who’d set out to get by gatekeepers had become them. Resentment grows: from a new generation of artists, from heavily-financed competition – including Eskay’s old boss Elliott Wilson – and especially the labels. More money means closer scrutiny led by the notorious label lawyer David Benjamin. And on Thanksgiving night, at the behest of Universal Music Group, the feds seize two major members of the New Music Cartel.


  1. Universal appoints head of anti-piracy – CNET
  2. Music piracy unstoppable, Universal admits – BBC News 
  3. Four Members of Alleged Internet Music Piracy Group Charged with Copyright Infringement Conspiracy – Department of Justice 
  4. NahRight vs. Atlantic Records 
  6. Tyler, the Creator Talks About Quitting His Job Days Before Plain Pat Flew Him to New York for the First Time | Complex
  7. Odd Future Strikes Record Deal – Rap Radar